What is Church

May 27, 2022 ( Relief Sale today and tomorrow in New Hamburg )

Good afternoon,

There are different kinds of churches. And sometimes they are in the same community and building. Most of the people on this blog list are from Poole Mennonite. But you are a community of readers of my blog. I also have a top ten announcements /prayer list of people at Poole. That list is a little smaller but still could be said to be Poole Mennonite.

At Poole we have 300 members. That is a list from many years of the community. Right now we have a regular attendance of between 40-60. Some people think that the best way to gauge the health of a church is to see attendance on a Sunday morning. But in COVID that is out the window. We have more than 60 people attending and listening on-line most Sundays. We have seniors depending on the computer and phone to listen to the services. We also have a mailbox church. Do you have a mailbox at church . You are part of the community.

Then there are birthday greetings on Facebook. This week Cheryl Nafziger and Robin Schultz had birthdays. Many people from Poole wished them ‘Happy Birthday’, and that is also part of the community. Cheryl is a farmer down the road, and Robin lives in New Zealand 

” Write this to the church at Ephesus [ or Poole ] “Revelation 2

Which part of Poole do you belong to ? And what do you need from the church to nurture your faith in God and the peoplehood of God ?

May the Lord bless you,   
           and  keep you.          —- from Moses and Aaron from the Old Testament 

chaos in the winds
scattering my troubled thoughts
to land on a soft cloud                Monika Pieper Landoni 2022