ARCH 22, 2021
Good morning,

” He/him or she/her or he/she  or he/her or us/they                      or  LGBTQQIP2SAA “

These are some of the ways that people identify themselves. It is a way to define your life through your gender, sex or sexuality. Some of this has come about in response to Jordan Petersen ( google him ). It is complex.

Well who am I ? I am Dave and Annie’s son. I never knew three of my grandparents. They all died before 1926. I am hetereosexual. I grew up in Niagara-on-the-Lake with seven siblings. I missed half of grade two because I had tonsillitis. I almost failed. I have never been a good student.

I am married to Shirley June. I have four children, and a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law. I have better than average grandchildren, two boys. I might have about 20 cousins, but know very few of them. We have never had a Redekop reunion or get-together. It is complex.

I was baptized by David P. Neufeld on Pentecost Sunday in 1976.I lived in France for six months and Switzerland for six months. I was pastor in Pennsylvania for four years. I am a conservative theological Christian with very liberal social activist leanings( I really do not know what that last sentence means ). It is complex.

I love food. I really love Thai, spicy Indian and Middle Eastern meals. I miss Big Macs, Boston Cream donuts and long johns ( not the underwear ). I really love a steaming hot cup of coffee. 

So, this is part of me. But, not nearly all of me. We are complex and ” fearfully and wonderfully made” by the Creator. And,  we are always being created throughout our life. Who are you ?Shalom and strength for our journey together.


Soaring like Vultures

lifted up by unseen Hands

Trust, silent enters my fears                          Monica Pieper Landoni 2021